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The ManFocus Clinic is one of the few practices within Australia dedicated towards assisting prostate cancer survivors and their partners overcome sexual, psychological, and relationship challenges resulting from prostate cancer treatment.

We actively engage various independent medical sexual specialists, urologists, sex psychologists and therapists in an effort to ensure that patients and their partners receive guidance and advice that is practical, cutting edge and more likely to lead to positive treatment results.

patrick lumbroso

Founder of the Clinic

PhD Researcher in Sexual Rehabilitation at the University of Sydney

Guest lecturer in Sexual Health at University of Sydney and Temple University Japan

Guest presenter on sexual health radio program "The Hook Up" (ABC Radio)

For more than a decade, Patrick Lumbroso provided sexual health and/or relationship counselling services to clients throughout Australia. His key areas of expertise included:

  • Relationship and couples counselling for high conflict couples.
  • Low sex/ No sex relationships
  • Women’s sexual health and therapy including sexual pain, and partner sexual-reskilling
  • Addressing women’s health challenges such as chronic illness and sexual recovery after cancer
As a sexual health clinician, his primary focus has been in the area of sexual rehabilitation therapy, most notably in helping couples to overcome sexual, psychological and relationship challenges that follow treatment for prostate cancer.

In 2012, he published a research paper that investigating the factors that affect the adoption of and compliance with Post-Prostatectomy Treatments for Erectile Dysfunction.

In 2013, he was offered a doctoral research place by the University of Sydney in order to continue his research into psych-sexual adjustment in prostate cancer survivors and their partners.

Elizabeth Lees

Elizabeth Lees Sexual Rehabilitation Therapist


Elizabeth Lees has been counselling people in her capacity as either a psychotherapist or a healthcare professional for over 20 years.

Her areas of concern/interest are women’s’ sexual pain and sex after 50.

Elizabeth has degrees in Nursing, Psychology and Rehabilitation Counselling and extensive experience in trauma medicine, paediatrics, pre/post natal care and aged care. She has worked privately with clients who have suffered major life traumas, supporting them with health, psychological, sexuality and relationship counselling to attain a positive outcome.

Background in Masters in Sexual Health/ Counselling with a focus on women’s healthy and satisfying sexual functioning at all ages and stages of life. She also has been a volunteer Lifeline counsellor for 4 years.

It is her passion to incorporate all her professional experience in providing optimal care and positive support for clients to help them deal with relational, sexual, age-related and psychological challenges.

Because of her varied background in health she has seen the distress that can be caused by physical/mental health issues, mismatch of communication styles and changes over time in relationship dynamics. Her belief is given a safe environment and sensitivity to difficult, personal or embarrassing issues that clients can be empowered to solve their own problems.

To make an appointment, please telephone Sydney: (02) 9262 9992





Dr. Michael Lowy is a physician specialising in men's health conditions, sexual medicine and counselling. Dr. Lowy operates a practice, Sydney Men's Health located in Bondi Junction ( Whilst Dr. Lowy is not part of the MindFocus practice, he is important referral choice for men that require medical treatment due to physiologically based sexual dysfunction.

He is specifically trained in the treatment of male sexual dysfunction (libido, erection, ejaculation disorders), relationship and sexual problems affecting individuals and couples.

Dr. Lowy works in close association with many urologists for the treatment sexual dysfunction arising from conditions such as prostate disease (sexual rehabilitation).

Stuart Baptist

Stuart Baptist –
Senior Men's Health Physiotherapist



Director of the Physiotherapy -Sydney Men's Health Clinic.

Stuart Baptist hails from the United Kingdom, undertaking his Bachelor of Science (Hons) at the Manchester Royal Infirmary of Physiotherapy.

Stuart is a specialist in men's health issues. Stuart completed his postgraduate training in men's health in 2009, under Dr Pauline Chiarelli. As one of the few men's health specialist physiotherapists in Australia, he works in conjunction with Urologists and men's health GP's in order to manage problems including continence and erectile dysfunction for men following radical prostatectomy.

Stuart Baptist

JO MILIOS - Perth-based Physiotherapist
who specialises in Men's Health


Jo Milios is a Perth-based Physiotherapist who specialises in Men's Health, focussing on post Prostate Cancer Rehabilitation, Incontinence, Erectile Dysfunction (ED), Sexual Health issues, Pudendal Neuralgia, Chronic Pelvic Pain and Exercise prescription.

Working in tandem with Urologists, GP's, Psychologists and Sexual Health physicians, Jo has three clinics, one north of the river in Carine, one south of the river, in Palmyra and a country clinic in South West Busselton.

Most recently Jo has set up ‘Prostate Cancer WA Inc.’, a not-for profit organisation, with the aim of providing an exercise and peer support program for ANY man with Prostate Cancer no matter the stage or prognosis.


To make an appointment:

To make an appointment or to speak directly to one of the MindFocus sexual health professionals about treatments for erectile problems:

Telephone Sydney: (02) 9262 9992 Monday to Friday during office hours or

Please note that a doctor's referral is not necessary in order to make an appointment.

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